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Tips, Advice, and Home Decor Apps to Help You Redecorate Your Family Home on a Budget

Tips, Advice, and Home Decor Apps to Help You Redecorate Your Family Home on a Budget

Redecorating can get expensive, but it doesn't have to. Discount home-design stores, home decor apps, and the advice of experts can help you reimagine your home without breaking the bank.

While Pinterest home design pages and your favorite home décor magazine might make it seem like it will cost a fortune to redecorate your home, that doesn't have to be the case. We consulted experts for nine tips on redecorating your New York home and redesign your space without spending a ton of money as well as home design apps that come in handy. Discount home decor stores, thrift shops, and even home design apps can help you make your space everything you want it to be (without breaking the bank!) 

Look at your rooms with a new eye.

Before you start shopping, consider this: Your rooms may just need a little rearranging using your existing furniture. After all, a mere shuffling around of your pieces, including furniture, wall art, and even those photographs that seem dull and tired, may work wonders to brighten your space exponentially.

Tip: If you have a friend with a great eye, invite her over and ask her for some quick suggestions.

Use mementos and heirlooms to decorate inexpensively.

Whether it’s a vintage collection of blue glass or a set of framed photos of your grandma’s farmhouse, these items are not only inexpensive additions to your home décor, they’re fun, too. “These tell stories and make for great conversation starters,” says Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar, a contemporary art ecommerce company in New York City. “Best of all they add a warm and personal touch to your space.”

Cherry-pick your favorites.

If you’re a collector of certain items, whether these are vintage milk bottles or antique advertising signs, displaying them can add a truly personal touch to your space. However, you want to be careful to avoid veering into a space that looks overly cluttered.

Tip: To avoid the feeling that your rooms are packed with stuff and attain a more streamlined feel to your home, cherry-pick your favorite items and display them. Put the rest in storage until you’re ready to switch them out. 

Consider a DIY craft project.

Whether you believe you’re crafty—or not—there are a few easy craft projects that you might want to consider doing next time you have a free weekend. Why not paint an ugly, chipped bookshelf in a bright new color? Or maybe sew a set of slipcovers to replace a faded sofa set or recover tired or ripped dining cushions with a bright, new fabric.

Browse your local thrift shop.

Shopping secondhand is a no-brainer when it comes to home decor and furniture since these stores are the best places to find gently used, quality pieces for less. Plus, you won’t skimp on style as you’re trying to save money, says Andrea Woroch, a nationally recognized consumer and money-saving expert.

Tip: Scout your local thrift shop on the regular to pick up furniture that will be far less expensive than shopping for brand-new items. 

Learn what each store specializes in.

Some stores are best for furniture bargains while others are notable for high-quality accessories—sold at inexpensive prices. Take World Market as an example: “What I love best about this store is [its] unique selection of home décor pieces,” Boiko says. “No matter what your style is, World Market has something for everyone. My favorite pieces are the black villa stripe dishtowels and Blue Bistro Stripe placemats. Both styles work well for [different] kitchen and dining room types, including modern, farmhouse or country.”

Shop discount stores.

Retailers like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshalls are known for their quality pieces that are sold at a major discount. These are great places to shop if you’re looking to perk up your decorative accessories, says Jeanine Boiko, a real estate salesperson in Wantagh. “For example, I love the throw pillows at HomeGoods,” she says. “Some retailers make you purchase the pillow cover and cushion separately, which can add up quickly whereas HomeGoods typically offers several options of throw pillows that are stylish and budget-friendly.”

Tip: Save more by scoping out the clearance section and consider this: “Speak with a sales associate to find out when new shipments arrive,” Woroch says. “These deliveries are usually on the same days each week. This way you can be among the first to check out the new arrivals before they sell out since inventory is often limited.” 

Scope out end-of-season sales.

Timing is everything, and this is especially true when it comes to shopping for home décor items at a discount. For example, you can pick up patio furniture at a huge savings toward the end of summer, Woroch says. Or pick up holiday items at deep discounts once those holiday seasons are done. “It’s always a great idea to time your shopping right to save big,” she says

Browse garage sales.

Whether your town is known for its garage sales, tag sales, or stoop sales, you’re bound to find bargains if you make it a goal to stop and take a look whenever you happen upon one. “You never know what you can find at a garage sale, and furniture is easy to repurpose, refinish, or recover,” Woroch says. “I always suggest giving garage sale hunting a try, especially if you’re on a tight budget.”

Tip: Sites like Facebook Marketplace make it easy to shop used home decor locally. You can adjust your search based on your city and the distance you’re willing to travel to pick up whatever you’re looking for, Woroch says. “You can easily chat with the seller via Messenger to discuss details, see pictures, and negotiate the price. Plus, the social [media] aspect makes you feel safe since you can see who you are dealing with and possibly even have mutual friends,” she adds.

5 Apps That Make Decorating Easy

Still stuck on how to place furniture in an odd-shaped room or how to unify a color scheme? It’s never been easier to update the look of your home—without even leaving your house. Here are five apps to get you started in the path to updating your home décor, purchasing new furniture, or just drawing a floor plan to make sure you’re maximizing your space.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture: Take a photo of a color you love, and the app will match it to more than 3,300 colors on file. Just think: Your walls can instantly match your favorite color.

Havenly: This app pairs users with expert interior designers to offer advice on your space no matter your budget.

Houzz: On this app, there’s a sketch function that enables you to annotate and draw on your images. Or just save your ideas by style and room and take them with you next time you’re shopping.

Ikea Place: If you love shopping at Ikea but have no idea where to put that shelving unit you’ve just put together, this free app comes with augmented-reality so you can actually zero in on where your new furniture will fit in your space—before you even leave your home to head to the Swedish megastore.

Magic Plan: With this app, you won’t need to measure or draw. Instead, you simply send a photo of your space to create a floor plan that works.


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