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Good Cents Credit Card for Kids

Pre-paid credit cards were a big hit over the past holiday spending season.  Now there’s a MasterCard with the same concept — created for kids and teens.  The Allow Card enables a parent to place money into the credit card and to keep it topped up; the transactions are done online so spending can be watched and kept balanced.  Parents have a handle on how much their kids are spending. Kids have a safer way to access money — and hopefully learn some financial lessons along the way.

   The website,, can be accessed 24/7.  There are over 35 online parental controls offered, allowing parameters to be set.  Parents can lock out specific merchants, for instance. “This is an excellent way for parents, teens and pre-teens to develop a sense of trust as they talk about money situations,” says CEO, Marla Beans. One feature might not teach great financial lessons, but it has appeal — there are no overdraft fees.

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