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Personal Launches ‘Personal for Education’ at White House Event

Personal, a web and mobile application for individuals to store, share and reuse their most valuable information, launched “Personal for Education,” to help students, parents, teachers and administrators save time, improve accuracy, and advance opportunities for students. 
  • Fast Form Filling for Scholarships and Financial Aid: Families spend more than 30 million hours filling out FAFSA forms each year. In seconds, Personal can help students and parents organize, store and reuse the information they need to fill out scholarship applications and future FAFSA forms in a fraction of the time. This will be available soon when the U.S. Department of Education releases individual federal education data to students.
  • Secure Sharing for Schools: Personal is helping parents, teachers and administrators in pre-schools easily create and securely share everything from electronic student directories to school events and resources. Personal enables families to access and update their information in real time on the web and their smartphones, ensuring they always have the most accurate information at home and on the go.

At the White House, in front of education, business and policy leaders, including U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Personal co-founder and CEO, Shane Green, debuted videos documenting the story of Alfredo Loris, a student burdened by FAFSA forms, and demonstrating the simplicity and power of automatic form filling and reusing data for FAFSA and scholarship applications. Green presented during “Education Datapalooza,” a program organized by the White House and U.S. Department of Education to showcase innovation around technology and the release of federal education data as part of the government’s Open Data Initiative.

Alfredo closed the presentation by explaining that Personal would make a big difference for students like him in the future, saying, “If I had the chance to reuse my information over and over again, I would have filled out so many scholarship applications. Instead of spending time on FAFSA, I could be doing so many things. Time is so precious for me now because of work, school and my internship, so it would really help me.”

See Alfredo’s video at See the FAFSA form filling demonstration at

Personal also revealed its product for younger students. Intown Playgroup, a cooperative preschool for one- and two-year-olds in Washington, D.C., is using Personal to share everything from electronic school directories to school schedules. “We have partnered with Personal to share electronic student directories and other resources that are secure, convenient and easy to update,” said Intown Director Mandy Sheffer. “We are excited about the potential of using the platform for managing and sharing everything from applications to kids’ allergies.”

For more information, visit

Personal’s co-founder and CEO Shane Green said, “We couldn’t agree more with the White House’s and Education Department’s goal of helping individuals to liberate their education data and put it to use in their own lives. Personal is especially excited to launch Personal for Education today, which shows the power of having all of your important data at your finger tips to securely store, share and reuse whenever, wherever you need it.”

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