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8 DIY Kits to Give the Crafter in Your Life

8 DIY Kits to Give the Crafter in Your Life

A roundup of DIY kits to give to crafty kids for the holidays

From subscription boxes to one-off kits, these crafty gifts give your DIY-lover the satisfaction of creating his or her own gift. Bonus: All materials needed to complete each project are included in the kit, or are common household items, so you won’t have to go to the store for a last-minute supply run. 

Kid Made Crafty

kid made modern comic book kit

Founded in 2012 by designer Todd Oldham to inspire kids’ creativity and inventiveness, Kid Made Modern has kits for all the crafters in your life ($14.99-$39.99). You’ll find a wide range of appealing projects, from drawing comic books to designing jewelry and customizing musical instruments. 
Photo courtesy Kid Made Modern


Innovative Beauty

project mc2 perfume science kit
Inspired by Netflix’s Project MC2, the Project MC2 Perfume Science Kit ($19.99-$29.99) encourages girls to use STEAM skills to make their own signature scent. The set comes with a mini science lab and two scents; common kitchen ingredients such as lemon juice and vanilla also can be used to create fragrances. Other kits in the line include Crayon Makeup and H2O Nail. 
Photo courtesy MGA Entertainment


Knit 1, Purl 1

we are knitters udon xxl blanket kit
Whether your crafter is an experienced knitter or picking up the needles for the first time, We Are Knitters offers a project kit that’s right at his or her skill level. Using sustainable, natural, and sometimes recycled fibers, the (aspiring) knitter in your life can make anything from a clutch or hat to a blanket or sweater ($29-$250). 
Photo courtesy We Are Knitters


Busy (Beauty) Bee

handcrafted honey bee lip balm kit
If your little crafter is into beauty products, but you’re worried about what’s in said products, you’ll love Handcrafted HoneyBee. These kits—created by a husband-and-wife team with backgrounds in education, math, and engineering—utilize STEAM education and Whole Brain Learning, while enabling girls to create skin care products such as lip balms and clay masks ($28).  
Photo courtesy Handcrafted HoneyBee


Inspired by Fine Art

art making with moma kit
Aspiring artists will appreciate the Art Making with MoMA kits, designed by Museum of Modern Art educators ($16-$25). They’re an easy way to create original artwork, while exploring the materials and techniques favored by such artists as Jacob Lawrence, Jackson Pollock, and Vincent van Gogh. Selections include Storytelling Art, Action Painting, and Brushstroke and Color-Mixing. 
Photo courtesy MoMA Design Store,


Mini Wonkas

glee gum make your own candy kits
Little candy lovers can DIY their own sweet treats with Glee Gum’s Make Your Own candy kits ($13.95), which are designed to connect kids to the global community. Made from natural ingredients, the easy-to-use kits teach kids why seaweed is the secret to gummies, how rainforest rubber gives gum its bounce, and why the story of chocolate begins in the tropics. 
Photo courtesy Glee Gum


Lit Accessories

technochic flashy flowers kit
For DIY style gurus who are also into STEM, TechnoChic’s DIY Blinky Bow Ties and DIY Flashy Flowers kits ($24.99) combine the best of both worlds. Created to “shatter the conventions” of connecting boys to tech and girls to creativity, these kits allow crafters of both sexes to incorporate electronics, design, and fashion to create ready-to-wear light-up accessories. 
Photo courtesy TechnoChic


Creative Crates at Your Door

kiwi co doodle crate
The subscription-based KiwiCo offers boxes for ages newborn to 2, 3-4, 5-8, and 9 and older that include creative materials or a full project and more, depending on the age range. Created to celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while helping parents bring enriching experience to their children, boxes can be gifted in one-, three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions ($16.95-$19.95 per month).
Photo courtesy KiwiCo



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