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20 Fun Things to do with Alexa

20 Fun Things to do with Alexa

Here are 20 things to ask Alexa that will have kids laughing, learning, and best of all, not bored.

“I’m bored!” How many times have you heard those words? No matter what response you give, like “Read a book” or “Play a game,” the chant will never stop. Consider telling kids to entertain themselves with Alexa. Yes, she does more than just play music, tell the time, or give the weather. The electronic devices provide tons of activities to engage kids on demand. Here are a few fun things to do with Alexa with your kids.

How to Use Alexa to Get Active

Hide and Seek
It’s the game that all kids know and love. Here, kids hide in the same room as Alexa and then she tries to guess where they’re hiding.

Silly Things
Alexa asks kids to perform different actions like pretend they’re in an invisible box or pose for an Instagram-worthy selfie. It’s the perfect game to get kids moving.

Freeze Dance
Kids dance as Alexa plays a tune. They freeze in place when the music stops. Once a child loses his balance, they’re out. It’s like Simon Says and Musical Chairs all in one.

Animal Workout
Kids copy the animals in this fun game. Maybe they’ll flap their arms like a butterfly, swing their arms like an ape, or stick out their tongue like a snake. Music plays for about 15 seconds per animal.

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Kid Power
This game from UNICEF will get kids active while teaching them about the world. Kids will run, jump, or do other activities. Then, they’ll get quizzed on countries around the world. Activity is transformed into food packets that UNICEF delivers to malnourished kids around the world.

How to Use Alexa to Play Games

Tic Tac Toe
Kids can draw a board or imagine one in their head. Alexa will say her move and then kids will reveal their next one like “bottom center” or “middle left.” Kids can track how often they win.

Geography Trivia
Do you have a geography whiz in your home? Test where certain languages are spoken, capital city knowledge, and more with this educational game. 

True or False
In this trivia game, you can play with up to 20 players. Players will be asked about the world, testing how much they really know about where they live.

Would You Rather for Family
Alexa suggests two funny situations and you choose “which one you’d rather.” No winners or losers are here. Kids will just laugh at the options they’re presented with.

Heads Up!
Alexa deals a “card” and gives clues to help you guess the word. Try to choose the right word before time runs out. Kids can play solo, with a sibling, or with friends.

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How to Use Alexa to Learn

Queen’s Mathematician
Kids must rescue the queen, who has been kidnapped by math-loving elves. Players solve addition, subtraction and other math problems to save her. It’s a mathematical and choose-your-own-adventure game all in one.

Sesame Street
Elmo will teach your kids the “word of the day” in this game that will delight Elmo fans. They’ll also get to play hide and seek with the character, who makes funny sounds to signal his hiding spot.

1-2-3 Math
Kids can test their elementary math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparison. Choose from three categories—easy, medium, and hard. Get points for correct answers.

Daily Dinosaur
Daily Dinosaur will describe the dinosaur of the day. Or it will randomly choose a dinosaur from a list of over 1,000 species and teach kids about it.

Kids News
Kids can find out about current events in this fun and entertaining format. News is updated daily, and updates are short, fun, educational, and inspiring.

How to use Alexa to be Silly

Silly Things
Get kids smiling and laughing with this interactive game. Alexa may say “Act like you’re standing on hot lava” or “Pretend you’re a fish out of water.” There will always be something silly and new to act out here.

Baby Shark
Your little one likely knows the shark dance. If you don’t know it, let your child and Alexa teach you this catchy (and perhaps annoying?) tune.

Tell Me a Joke
Kids will love hearing what jokes Alexa comes up with. Some are funny; some are just plain corny. But these jokes are sure to get kids giggling.

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Poop Poems
Just hearing the word “poop” makes kids laugh. These gross yet clever poems are bound to make your tykes roll on the floor in hysterics.

Sing a Song
Ask Alexa to sing a song, and you’ll get a kick out of the sound of her singing voice and choice of tune. When we asked her to play a melody, she happily responded, “A song? I thought you’d never ask.” 

Here are some more funny things kids have thought of to ask Alexa: 

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