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Essential Homeschooling Supplies for Remote Learning

Essential Homeschooling Supplies for Remote Learning

These simple supplies will help your student stay focused and productive no matter where she is learning.

Whether the plan is for your child to go to school fully in-person, fully remote, or some combination of both, we've learned that there is no way to know for sure what the future holds insofar as our children's schooling experience this year. Having these essential homeschooling supplies on hand will ensure that your kids have the best possible remote learning experience this year, no matter what that may look like. In addition to some good pencils, paper, a computer with a camera, reliable internet, and a decent printer, here are the supplies experts suggest every family has for their homeschooling experience.

Good lighting: While natural sunlight is the ideal choice, it’s not always an option. In that case, choose a desk lamp with bright LEDs that can illuminate a large work area.

Height appropriate chair/desk: Although kids can work anywhere, it might be helpful to invest in a desk/chair combination that fits their height (as opposed to say the dining room table or a playroom crafts table.) Choose a desk that can be adjusted—or else choose an adjustable chair. For small spaces, a desk and chair on wheels could make it easier for everyone working at home and everyone homeschooling to find a quiet space. 

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Chargers and outlets: Your student will likely have multiple devices to charge so make sure she has access to adequate cords, adaptors, and outlets near her homeschooling station. 

Headphones (or earbuds) with a microphone: Kids will be spending a lot of time on Zoom, listening to teachers and commenting on the class. If your home is small or there is a lack of privacy, find your kids a good set of headphones (with a mic) that will last them for the year. 

Blue light blocking glasses: These non-prescription glasses filter out the harmful blue light rays from digital screens, which will help kids sleep better at night and reduces their chance of headaches. If your child already wears glasses, he can attach a blue light blocking lens. 

Art supplies: Markers, crayons, paper, glue—these kinds of supplies will not only make art class easier but perhaps inspire creativity when they are not in school. 

Storage and organization: It’s easy to lose papers and supplies when they don’t have a proper home, so invest in some bins, binders, folders and containers that you can clearly label. Also a small desk organizer for pencils, notepaper, paperclips, etc. can make a big difference in productivity. 

Clocks and timers: If kids are working alone, it’s helpful to have a clock and a timer so that they can pace themselves and know when classes will begin and end. 

Dry erase or chalk boards: These are perfect for keeping track of tasks or schedules. Secure a writing instrument to the board for your kids to write down daily reminders. It’s also a good way to practice handwriting.

Bulletin boards: If you have the wall space, tack up a cork board where your kids can pin assignments, printouts, or homework that’s pending. This way, important papers won’t fall behind the bed or under the rug (or into the dog’s bowl).

Exercise gear: If your kids are fully or mostly remote, it’s more important than ever to get the sillies out. A few minutes (or longer) of exercise during the day and/or between assignments can go a long way. Invest in a jump rope or a hula hoop or even a bike and get their little bodies moving during the school day. 

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