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NYC Summer Camps Are Better Than Ever – And Kids Are Ready

NYC Summer Camps Are Better Than Ever – And Kids Are Ready

Attend the free New York Family Summer Camp Fairs to learn about the many camp programs offered in NYC this year

Summer camps are finally back in full swing, and as NYC parents, we couldn’t be happier! School may be out of session in the summer, but our busy NYC schedules are never put on pause. And we know just how much our kids love camp. There’s nothing better than seeing their big smiles as we drop them off for the day– watching them run over to their friends and hop right into a soccer game or chat up a storm with the counselors. But choosing the perfect camp for our kids that’ll create those big smiles on their faces can be time-consuming, especially since there are so many camps this year. While you could do your research online, it takes a long time, and you may not know of all your options. That’s why, we recommend going to the FREE New York Family Camp Fairs to quickly and efficiently learn about all the many camps this summer! 

Sure, camps went on last summer, but there were still a lot of restrictions in place, and not every camp was able to open. Now camps are as lively as ever with new programs, broadened activities, and flexible times, and the Camp Fairs are the ideal place to explore it all. You’ll get face-to-face time with individual camp leadership and experts from the American Camp Association, NY and NJ so that you can get all of your questions answered. Forget having to wait on hold to contact camps via phone! 

These free, weekend fairs include all kinds of camps– day and sleepaway– across NYC for kids ages 3 to 15, so your options are limitless. There will also be several COVID procedures in place so that you can feel safe as you make your way through the camps. Read on to see what you can expect when it comes to finding the perfect camp for your kiddo at the New York Family Camp Fairs. 

Kids are ready, now more than ever, to explore their interests. At the Camp Fairs, you can hear directly from camp directors to see what program will best match your child’s needs. For example, if your kiddo loves to play basketball at recess with their friends, maybe browse the sport camps. You can also speak to general day camp directors to get a feel for what kind of athletic activities these camps may include. Perhaps the structure allows your child to choose the activities that they are most interested in, like sports, versus a set camp schedule that will only have one hour set aside for sports. 

Besides getting outside and playing, kids are also excited to get crafty and creative again with their friends. School certainly has art classes and projects, but camp crafts are different under the warm sun, with paint and markers and tie-dye everywhere you look. Campers don’t have to be afraid to get messy! If your child has a passion for science as well, maybe speak with STEAM camp directors to get a feel for what camp might incorporate both creativity and science. 

After being cooped up at home doing virtual learning for so long in 2020 and 2021, NYC kids (and their parents!) want to be active and social this summer. Camps are a great time for little ones to develop their social-emotional skills in a non-academic, non-formal setting. And while they may see some of their school friends over the summer, they’ll have the chance to make new friends at camp. Parents, prepare yourselves because you’ll be adding a lot more play-dates to the schedule once camps are over! It really is a beautiful thing to watch our kiddos be social again in a safe way, and that’s exactly what they’ll get to do all summer long.   

Whether you’re looking for a day vs. sleepaway camp, a general vs. interest-specific camp, or a one-week vs. full-summer camp, the Camp Fairs will help you navigate your options. NYC boasts some of the best camps, especially this summer now that we’re back into our city groove. So mark your calendars, roundup your questions, and get ready to find the camp for your child!

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