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Nord Anglia International School Offers Personalized Instruction and Extraordinary Partnerships

Nord Anglia International School Offers Personalized Instruction and Extraordinary Partnerships

Personalized instruction and extraordinary partnerships make Nord Anglia a standout school.

Name of school: Nord Anglia International School, New York

Grades: Pre-K to 8th grade

Size of student body: 130

Educational approach or philosophy: Nord Anglia follows the English National Curriculum and also encourages students to take initiative in their learning. One way this is achieved is through a series of three annual challenges from MIT. Students are encouraged to think creatively about new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) initiatives, such as the development of driverless cars. Children may, depending on their age, analyze all aspects of the concept, from how to code the vehicle’s software to the possible ramifications of such an invention, including job displacement. Torun Kirk, Director of Admissions and Marketing, explains that every challenge is tailored to each students’ individual level of development. Younger children, for example, may explore technological advancements through Lego construction.

In addition to Nord Anglia’s partnership with MIT, the school has an extensive music program through Julliard. This curriculum focuses not only on instrumental performance, but also on music composition and improvisation. With keyboard instruction beginning at age five, students are introduced to the basics of music theory through first-hand experience.

What makes the school unique: “Our teachers are exceptional, and if you asked any of our parents the same question, the first thing they will mention is the fact that our teachers are really doing personalized, individualized learning,” Kirk says. In addition to Nord Anglia’s partnerships with top universities, its staff is dedicated to customizing the learning experience of each and every student. Classes range on average from just 10 to 16 students, making it easier for teachers to focus on each child personally. Of course, one of the unique perks of being a part of an international school is the international community. Along with experiencing the rich diversity created by having dozens of nationalities represented on Nord Anglia’s New York campus, students have the opportunity to collaborate with Nord Anglia students from across the globe, a community of more than 32,000 young people.

Main image: Students at Nord Anglia are encouraged to learn through collaboration and problem solving challenges.
Courtesy Nord Anglia

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