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Medicine -


For students on the pre-med track, there is no better credential to add to a college application than a three-week, competitive admissions research program. Students may practice suturing skills, emergency procedures, or anatomy research, spending hours each day in the lab assisted by experienced TAs and outstanding instructors. Future medical students will be thrilled by the active, hands-on nature of BLI’s Medicine programs.

Engineering -


Given that engineering is one of the most lucrative career paths, it does a student well to select this area of study early on. BLI offers programs in robotics, aerodynamics, mechanics, and more, all of which require students to develop advanced critical thinking skills and techniques. Whether it be an airplane or a prosthetic limb, high school students rarely have the opportunity to study the inner-workings of our most fascinating technology like they do in BLI’s Engineering programs.

Science -


For students who envision themselves making discoveries in the lab or developing groundbreaking cures, a three-week research program will be a dream come true. Not only do the Science programs allow students the opportunity to clock hours upon hours in the lab, but many are BLI’s flagship programs. Having been honed over time and led by teachers with incomparable lists of accomplishments, these programs are perfect for the future scientist.

Business -


Young entrepreneurs and business people can spend their summer developing skill sets that many don’t learn until graduate school. BLI’s Entrepreneurship programs will introduce students to the inside workings of a start-up, planting seeds of the motivation that drives the world’s most successful business people. BLI’s business programs are perfect for the student who sees business school in his or her future.

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Take part in our award-winning summer STEM teen academic programs. One-week programs allow students with limited free time the opportunity to dive into a unique STEM subject. Three-week research programs offer an exclusive opportunity for high school students to study at an advanced level. Topics include Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, STEM Entrepreneurship, and more.