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Church-in-the-Gardens Nursery School, The

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We offer a diversified, multicultural program; a print-rich environment;  hands-on, developmentally-appropriate small group instruction; a music/movement program that promotes fine and gross motor skills; and reinforced acceptance of others by teaching the basic strategies for coping with issues that may arise when our students enter elementary school.

Acceptance of others and of themselves as individuals is a key component to the socialization process in both the nursery and pre-k programs. Our Rock ‘N Roll/Hip Hop show is performed by 2 artists who have created their theme and songs around anti-bullying techniques.  These techniques and ideas are downloaded and incorporated into our overall curriculum for the rest of the year. 

Various cultures are celebrated in the form of learning about important holidays that incorporate different customs and ways-of-life.  Some of the holidays celebrated are Columbus Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year, Spring Solstice, Easter, and Passover.  New experiences and ideas submitted by parents are always welcome.

In conjunction with our thematic teaching approach, our classrooms are print-rich.  Each classroom “belongs” to the children, and has poems, finger plays, illustrations, etc. from current literature the students are reading.  The classrooms are “child-friendly”—artwork and student projects decorate the room and mirror the class theme.  Many of the art projects are creative responses to literacy that integrate vocabulary, math, and science.  This environment is created so that our students truly feel ownership and are empowered by the classroom environment.

Our nursery and pre-k curricula reflect research that encourages knowledge and understanding through play and hands-on activitiesChildren explore their world, developing self-esteem through trying out new activities and finding answers through trial and error.  Our students enter elementary school knowing that acquiring new knowledge means not being afraid to make mistakes along the way.  Each individual child is supported as he/she becomes a successful, life-long learner.

Because individual students learn best according to what they do best, we appeal to their individual talents, or multiple intelligences.  For example, some students are visual learners; others need to touch and experience in order to understand new concepts; and many learn by very physically and actively following directions.  We provide an indoor gym program to support not only physical well-being, but to provide hands-on instruction as our students learn the important skill of following directions.

Consistency and predictability is also an important component of our classroom experience.  Students are most comfortable when they know what comes next—therefore, each teacher establishes a daily routine that the students get to know and rely on.  If a special event is going to happen on a particular day, we let the students (and their parents) know in advance and remind them so that they are aware and comfortable with the change.


Although it may be a bit dated, the phrase “it takes a village” accurately describes our viewpoint when it comes to nurturing positive and real growth in each child.  Therefore, communication between parents and our teachers is imperative.  All teachers and the director or the program is on the Shutterfly network.  We communicate daily through message boards and news dispatches on this site.  The site also includes volunteer lists, an updated event calendar, and candid pictures of your child engaged in classroom activities during the week.  We also have parent orientation, quarterly parent meetings, and parent/teacher conferences during the year. 

We strive to provide each student with special enrichment during the school year.  Therefore, we incorporate the following into our curriculum:

  • Magic Show
  • Nature Program
  • Talent Show
  • Special multicultural holiday celebrations
  • Talent Show
  • Career Day
  • Grandparents Day
  • Pajama Day
  • Community Helpers Week
  • Bakers and Shakers Cooking Program
  • Yoga
  • Class/Individual Photos
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Parent Workshops
  • AAA Car/Street Safety Presentation
  • Celebrating Differences Day
  • Walking trip to Forest Hills Library (Pre-K)

School Hours:          A.M.                                       P.M.

Nursery (3 yrs.)       9:00-11:30                           12:30-3:00

Pre-K (4 yrs.)          9:00-11:30                           12:30-3:00

(Pre-K opt. hr.)        8:00-9:00                             3:00-4:00 

  • 3 Day PM Nursery Level Classes Available 
  • 2018 UPK Half Day Sessions Available 

Optional Additional Hour Available for Pre-K Classes

Pre-K students may register for an additional hour of specialized instruction in art, music & movement, science, math and literacy.  All programs offer enhanced enrichment throughout the school year.  Call 718-268-7980 or email us at [email protected].

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Our nursery and UPK programs reflect research that encourages learning through play and hands-on activities. Each individual child is supported as he or she becomes a successful, lifelong learner. We offer a diversified, multicultural program, a print-rich environment, hands-on, developmentally-appropriate small group instruction, a music and movement program that promotes fine and gross motor skills, and reinforced acceptance of others through teaching the basic strategies for coping with issues that may arise when our students enter elementary school. All programs offer enhanced enrichment throughout the school year.