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Long Island STEM Prep LLC

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What is Long Island STEM Prep?

LI STEM Prep offers a variety of services, but specializes in personalized tutoring sessions tailored to the skills students need to overcome a challenge or meet a specific goal. LI STEM Prep is backed by more than a decade of academic and test prep expertise and gives you the opportunity to learn how to beat the test from someone who wrote the test! The guiding principle at LI STEM Prep is that all things are possible with our confidence building strategies and targeted skill development. Contact us to set up a FREE evaluation and learn how we can help! Subjects, tests, and areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

* Middle School
           * Math (including pre-algebra), Science (including Earth Science Regents)
           * High School Entrance Exam Prep
                   * CHSEE (Catholic High School Entrance Exam)
                   * Regis (High School Placement Test) Prep
                   * SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test) Prep

* High School
            * Regents/Advanced Placement/SAT II Prep or Course Review for
                    * Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics
                    * Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
            * SAT/ACT Preparation
                     * All sections (including ACT Science)
                     * Admissions counseling (including the college essays, and interview skills)

* College and Beyond
             * Pre-HealthTest Prep
                      * MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test)
                      * DAT/OAT (Dental and Optometry Admissions Test)
                      * PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test)
              * Courses
                      * Anatomy/Physiology, Molecular Biology
                      * Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
                      * Physics
               * Critical Analysis and Reasoning in all areas


Why Choose Long Island STEM Prep?

LI STEM Prep offers a unique mix of content review with a focus on strategic test prep skills. The Founder and Director of LI STEM Prep has two decades of experience in academics as well as over a decade of experience in test prep. Who better to help you ace the course or test than someone who has spent the last ten years authoring the test questions, review courses, and review books? This one-of-a-kind knowledge base allows LI STEM prep to identify even the trickiest of academic issues and provide tailored solutions that leads to student success.

Do you (or the student in your life) have a subject, course, or test that you can’t seem to crack? That is exactly what Long Island STEM Prep helps you do. Contact us for your FREE evaluation and find out how we can help!


“I credit Dee at Long Island STEM Prep for my daughter’s success in math. Last year she started the year with a 70-80 average and ended the year with all 100s on her tests and a final grade of A. Deeangelee is an amazing teacher who is very knowledgeable, comfortable with her teaching style, patient, and very easy to understand. My daughter enjoys her sessions. This year my son has also become one of her students as Deeangelee is preparing him for the CHSEE test and feels very confident with his test preparation sessions. I highly recommend Deeangelee to all my friends and family.” -N. Vetell (Director, All About Spanish, Bellmore, NY)

“It was a pleasure to be tutored by Dee from LI STEM Prep. She helped me with my SAT test every weekend before it. She showed me step by step instructions for solving problems and broke down each question so that I understood what was being asked. She also gave me time saving strategies so that I could get through my test more efficiently. Deeangelee created a comfortable learning environment due to her warm and caring presence. While taking my SAT, I utilized the test-taking tips she gave which greatly helped with time management and problem-solving. After taking the test for a second time, I saw significant improvements with my test scores because of Dee at LI STEM Prep.” - J. Mitchell (11th grade, Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School)

“I credit Dee at LI STEM prep with my MCAT success. With her help and guidance, I got a 523! I scored 130 on the Chem/Phys and Bio sections, 131 on CARS, and 132 on the behavioral section. Deeangelee’s knowledge of content and the specific skills tested helped me to sure a solid MCAT score and I can't thank her enough.” -J. Denton (Junior, Hofstra University)  

"When I decided to prepare for the SAT last winter, I had no knowledge or prior experience with the test. I was rather hesitant to even take the test because I felt clueless on what the SAT entailed, skills and strategies required, or even my own strengths and weaknesses. Then I attended LI STEM Prep's SAT sessions and I became much more confident in my SAT test taking skills. In fact, I was much more at ease after only a couple of classes! Dee addressed both sections primarily by reviewing specific questions from previous exams. She explained everything in complete detail and made it certain that the students understood the thought process necessary to answer the questions. In addition, her positive teaching style and attitude played a huge role in increasing student understanding. Without Dee's help, I definitely wouldn't have reached my full potential. I am extremely grateful to have been a student under her and I would highly recommend LI STEM Prep because they helped me excel and left me extremely satisfied with my score." -Hannah A (Molloy High School)



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We provide personalized sessions to improve science, math, and test prep outcomes for grade school into college. With more than a decade of experience authoring books, courses, and questions for standardized exams (SAT/ACT, MCAT, Regents, AP), our expertise helps students perform at their maximum potential. Contact us for a free evaluation!