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Penguin Coding School

424 7th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York


Cobble Hill:

156 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 347-620-9235

Penguin Coding believes that motivation is key to learning. The most compelling motivation for learning to code is that it enables building something kids can call their own. What makes this approach "worth it" for the kids is that at the end of the road, they see that their code actually does things in the real world. Not in some playpen, but in the real Internet where anyone can access it. 

Penguin Coding believes that anyone can code, which sounds like a glib tagline. But it is based on the belief that coding does not require a math and science mind to excel. It is often taught using math & science methods because the educators and people associated with coding are often math & science people. But they believe it should be taught more as a skill like cooking or music, where anyone can enjoy it, even if you never become a master chef or professional musician.




Early Elementary School (Ages 6-9): Elementary school is a great time to start introducing kids to computer programming concepts like variables, functions, loops and conditionals while having fun playing games and creating digital animation. They offer: 


Minecraft (Ages 6-9) 

Scratch (Ages 6-9)


Upper Elementary School (Ages 9-12): Upper and Early Elementary age cutoffs overlap each other because we have seen 8 year old students ready for the next level, and 9 and 10 year old students who are more comfortable starting with the drag and drop visual interface of Scratch and Minecraft Coding. They offer: 


JavaScript Gaming: (Ages 8-14) 

Python: (Ages 8-18) 

Web Design: (Ages 8-12) 

Robotics Team: (Ages 9-14)

Roblox Coding: (Ages 9-13)



Middle School Ages (Ages 11-14): Students are beginning to understand and process abstractions. Their typing skills also enable them to access a variety of programming languages that coding professionals use. Beginner students are introduced to and focused while all continuing to build up the core concepts and foundations in programming. They offer:


Roblox Coding (Ages 9-13)

JavaScript Gaming (Ages 11-14)

Python (Ages 11-14)

Mobile Apps (iOS) (Ages 11-14)


High School Ages (Ages 14-18): Whether you want some basic background in coding before you take a graded computer science class, or if you want to independent study for an AP Computer Science A exam, Penguin Coding School offers lessons that fit your level: 


Beginner & Intermediate Java 

Capstone Independent Study 

Python for High Schoolers 

Mobile Apps (iOS) Design 

AP Computer Science Prep


Robotics: LEGO Robotics is a programming building course that teaches kids teamwork and communication skills. Students can create, build, and program robots, vehicles, and machines by learning basic concepts of code. They offer:


Word Blocks (Ages 9-11) : Block based Coding 

Python (Ages 12-14): Text Based Coding 

Free Trial Classes: 

Sign up for our award-winning free trial classes. They offer a 60 minute free trial class in Scratch, Python, Roblox, Java, Robotics and much more! Appropriate for absolute beginners as well as those with some experience (trial classes are used to place students in the right level).

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Choose between ONLINE or IN-PERSON classes, depending on your location. Penguin Coding School provides comprehensive coding education to kids ages 6-18. In-person and online afterschool, weekend and summer day classes are available in Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, Python, Javascript, Java, Robotics, 3D Printing and Mobile Apps. Their small class size, selectively hired teachers and age-appropriate curriculum ensure every child will learn coding with a smile. They offer a comprehensive coding education for kids ages from 6-18.