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This NYC Mom's Hilarious Photos Celebrate the Chaos of Parenting

This NYC Mom's Hilarious Photos Celebrate the Chaos of Parenting

Danielle Sapienza, the photographer behind Danielle Guenther Photography, captures hilarious scenes of everyday parenthood.

Meet Danielle Sapienza, the NYC mom of two behind the hilarious photos that celebrate the everyday chaos of parenting. She's one of the parenting influencers we love in the New York metro area!

Sapienza is a NYC-based lifestyle photographer (Danielle Guenther Photography) and artist who celebrates the chaos of parenting. Her photos are original and often hilarious—family scenes we can find humor and delight in imagining. She loves to view the world through a child's perspective. As the mother of a 10-year-old and a newborn, she’s inspired by the energy of those little people that run our daily lives with such power, enthusiasm, and emotion. 

Why follow Danielle Guenther Photography? Her brilliant photographs portray the quirky and lovable chaos of parenting—no words needed.

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How would you describe your images?

I capture the raw, real, crazy moments we have as parents, when we feel as if our heads are spinning. The children love to be involved in the rebellious fun, and everyone gets to act the scene! I also adore photographing families and documenting them in their everyday setting, whether that's indoor at home, or out on the street in the hustle of NYC. Our lives seem to pick up speed when we have children, and these little moments are soon forgotten. Photography is so special in the sense that we can always look back at these memories and we never forget. No matter what the moments may be, someday we'll want them back. At least we can get that feeling back with a photograph.

Danielle Guenther Photography Hold on a Sec
"Hold on a Sec..."

What’s the best parenting advice you ever received?

"Just keep them alive. That's all that matters." It's pretty true! As parents we have so much information floating around about every topic, it can make us INSANE! I try not to compare to other parents, and just go with what works. The hardest part of being a parent is trusting that you’re a good parent.

Which famous parent would you like to have dinner with and why?

Amy Schumer for sure. She's so real. Any parent that can be as honest, raw, and real as her...sign me up!!

daneille guenther photography nyc lifestyle

What is the best thing about raising kids in the New York City area?

The fact that we can walk to 100 different places within a 10-block radius. There’s so much at your fingertips—it's the easiest living! My favorite place to bring my son is any outdoor park where he can run and go wild. He's a very active 10-year-old, so he loves to climb rocks, ride his RipStik, run through sprinklers, and dig in the dirt.

What is your favorite thing about fall in NYC?

My favorite is walking around Central Park, with the leaves falling and there's a chill in the air. Something about the city gets a bit more calm during that season...everyone is preparing for the winter, and it's always nice to see everyone relaxed!

Danielle Guenther Photography nyc lifestyle

Who are your favorite parents/parenting sites to follow on social media?

I love the Podcast Marriage & Martinis. They are hysterical, and their Instagram account is so real! The Mama Sagas is great for some real articles and stories on parenting, and she has a new app called Better After Baby. And recently I've discovered Cleo, a new resource for parents. They pair you with a "guide" and help you from bump, to baby, to one years old. It will soon be available to the general public!

Main image: "Just Another Mouth to Feed" from Sapienza's Best Case Scenario series
All photos by Danielle Sapienza / Danielle Guenther Photography


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Danielle Sapienza


Danielle Sapienza is an NYC lifestyle photographer and artist who celebrates the chaos of parenting! She loves to view the world through a child's perspective. As a mother herself, she’s inspired by the energy of those little people that run our daily lives with such power, enthusiasm, and emotion. “Life with children is full of adventure, with lots of crazy moments in between. Might as well enjoy the ride, and embrace the chaos!”

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