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Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Natasha D'Anna

Diary of a Quarantined Mom: Natasha D'Anna

This Staten Island mom of three (and creator of Twindollicious) is home with her COVID-19-infected husband. Here is a day in her life.

Natasha D’Anna, creator of Twindollicious, has been home like the rest of us for more than a month. During that time, she’s had to single-parent her 9-year-old twins and 3-year-old son while her husband, who has COVID-19, quarantines in the bedroom. Like all of us, she’s doing a lot of cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling—trying to get through these tough days trapped in her Staten Island home. 

“The hardest thing for me is not being able to go out to our favorite parks and restaurants, or have work meetings or meet up with friends,” she says. To cope she’s been organizing her house and fantasizing about sitting in the sun near her condo in Florida. Her mantra: “Try to stay on schedule but don’t beat yourself up for it if you’re not. Some things we have to just let go of for now.” 

We asked D’Anna to share a few snapshots from her new daily norm. 

This is us, my husband Kenny and me. He’s been sick with the coronavirus and self-quarantining in our house—not seeing me or the kids. He tested positive on April 1. This was the first day in almost three weeks that he came out of his room. We’re wearing the baseball caps that he just ordered for the employees of his electrical company, Unified Electric. I am looking forward to posing for photos together without wearing masks in our own home. 

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How is it that although we are not going out nearly as much, the laundry is just continuously piling up? Every time I manage a load, there’s more to do. Are the kids somehow wearing more clothes than they normally do or is this just another case of Groundhog Day? Also, I am cooking around the clock, approximately four-five meals a day including snacks. My lifesaver has been paper plates!

The kids are literally bouncing off the walls after their homeschool sessions—they even managed to tear down the curtains. So I’ve found myself wearing all sorts of hats, like carpenter, and using tools that I usually manage to avoid—for example, a screwdriver—to fix the damage. I could really use my husband’s help.

My kind-hearted twin daughters and their little brother send hearts through the door to their Daddy. The kids stay in their bedrooms most of the day, and I basically live in the kitchen between cooking and catering Kenny back to good health. The kids are pretty understanding of the virus. We explained that his case is like a really bad flu, so we need to be secure by using masks, washing hands, and reducing germs. 

The playroom is the kiddos sanctuary and I have to enter at my own risk, but I’m usually glad I did. It might be a mess, but it’s a place where the kids can be themselves—even the little guy. The kids are painting a lot when they are not doing schoolwork. They are also playing lots of games like Twister and Hide & Seek. 

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We all need to move our bodies, so the twins’ 25-minute P.E class is my favorite homeschool highlight these days. We put on some good dance music and work it out. It keeps everyone’s spirits high. And it’s a subject I don’t mind helping the kids with. The girls even like to teach me their TikTok dances.

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On Thursday and Friday nights, the twins go on Instagram Live and read a bedtime story to younger followers—books like Goodnight Moon, for example. It’s such a blessing for them to have each other. They get along so well. But bedtimes are always hard. No one ever wants to go to bed. And as a temporarily single parent, it’s up to me to make sure they get a good night’s sleep.

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