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This Is Why You'll Want to Follow Mommy Shorts

This Is Why You'll Want to Follow Mommy Shorts

Ilana Wiles, the mom behind Mommy Shorts, celebrates "remarkably average parenting."

Meet Ilana Wiles, the Manhattan mom behind the popular blog about parenting in NYC,, creator of three popular Instagram accounts, and author. Wiles is a NYMetroParents Influencer We Love—and here's why you should follow her!

Named on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Parenting Influencers, Ilana Wiles is the brains behind; the creator of @mommyshorts, @averageparentproblems and @mommyshortssquad on Instagram; and the author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting. She’s also one of the most prolific bloggers we know who we trust to give us a wide range of on-the-ground reporting.

Getting laid off from her advertising job, shortly after returning from maternity leave no less, was the best thing that ever happened to Wiles. “I started the blog because I thought it would be hard to find another job at my level without it. Then the blog took off and advertising became more focused on social media, so instead of getting a job at another agency, I was able to turn my blog into my own business. It felt great to feel super relevant and ahead of the curve, instead of like becoming a mother had somehow ended my career.”

Why follow @mommyshorts? Wiles treats you like a good friend—ordering you to skip a playdate for lunch and a massage—but can advise on almost every major mommy issue, from pregnancy to politics.

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What is a typical day for you?

A typical day for me is getting my kids and myself ready in the morning, taking them on the city bus to school and then walking to my office. I know a lot of people think bloggers work from home, but I personally prefer a separation between home and work. I get a lot more done that way. Then I'm usually at my computer all day, posting on the blog, managing all of my social media accounts and creating content for whatever is happening next. Right now, I'm working on a post about how to raise a ski family. Then my husband, my sitter, and I usually split up pickup from after-school activities and we all get home around 6pm for dinner. When the kids were smaller, I used to go out more at night, but now, I just like spending time at home with my family during the week. Plus, there is homework for everyone to get done and that is way harder to manage than toddler bedtime routine ever was.

What’s the best parenting advice you ever received?

The best parenting advice I ever received was from my mother, who said to take advantage of her willingness to help. I don't know why, but when my first baby was born, I felt this need to prove to her that I could do it all on my own. Like accepting help meant admitting I wasn't very good at this motherhood thing. We ended up getting into a fight because I kept getting annoyed at her attempts to help me. She made me realize that her volunteering to help didn't mean I was doing anything wrong. It was more about her desire to be involved. Ever since, I accept any help I can get. Especially from my mom, who my kids adore. When you monopolize all of your kid's needs, you actually do a disservice to everyone. All moms need a break and kids should learn to be comfortable with others. Especially Grammy!

mommyshorts' ilana wiles with family
Ilana Wiles, the Manhattan mom behind, with her husband and two daughters

What are your favorite books or movies on parenting?

Well, I think I have to give a shout out to my book The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting. It's a fun read that combines real advice with fun anecdotes and parenting memes. It was my attempt to combat the whole perfect parenting thing. There is no right way to do anything (especially parenting!) and sometimes the best thing we can do is forgive ourselves a little and acknowledge that becoming a parent means that things are way less in your control.

What do you love about blogging about parenting?

I love that my job allows me to manage my own schedule, prioritize what I want in the moment and spend time with my kids. We have had so many wonderful opportunities as a family because of what I do.

What’s your favorite off-the-beaten-path thing to do/place to visit with your kids?

I don't know if it's really off the beaten path, but I love taking my kids into Brooklyn. We live in the East Village, so it's just one stop on the L train to Williamsburg. We love Domino Park and everything around there, although I'm sad the pump track is leaving! My kids loved riding their bikes there. Speaking of bikes, I'm hoping this year they are old enough to ride over the Williamsburg bridge to get there instead of taking the subway. Or the Brooklyn Bridge into Dumbo! That's another fun spot to take the kids.

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What is the best thing about raising kids in the New York city area?

The best thing about raising kids in NYC is all the amazing kid-friendly and cultural things to do in the city. From pop-ups to ever-changing museum exhibits to the variety of parks and playgrounds, we really love exploring our own city and taking full advantage of living here. Since my kids are a little older now, writing about all there is to do with them in NYC has become a big focus of my blog and Instagram. My 7-year-old and I are currently taste-testing all the doughnut shops in Manhattan. That would be a one-day activity in most cities, but we have endless options to test out.

All photos courtesy Ilana Wiles


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Ilana Wiles


Ilana Wiles is the Manhattan mom behind the popular, and the Instagram accounts @mommyshorts, @mommyshortssquad, and @averageparentproblems. She lives in the East Village with her husband and two daughters.

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