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51 North 1st St.

Brooklyn, NY

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51 N. 1st St.
Brooklyn, NY


Come take ACTION classes or book a party at the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) the home of MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award" winning Action Architect Elizabeth Streb and the STREB Extreme Action Company.



up to 12 GUESTS: $645
13 – 18 GUESTS: $835
19 – 24 GUESTS: $1145


up to 10 GUESTS: $750


up to 12 GUESTS: $835
13 – 18 GUESTS: $955

Circus and Parkour Combo Parties
(ages 5 and up)

Trapeze & Circus Arts Combo Party

24 kid party
Package includes- Flying Trapeze, aerial fabric, aerial hoop, pop action warm up.

Trampoline & Circus Arts Combo Party

24 kid party
Package includes-Trampoline, Aerial Fabric, Aerial hoop and pop action warm up.

Parkour Combo Party

24 kid party
“the STREB Ninja Warrior Package” Package includes- Parkour, pop action, trampoline.

The Big Circus Combo Party

36 kid party
Package includes- Flying Trapeze, trampoline, pop action warm up, Aerial fabric, Aerial hoop.

Please note-our circus and combo parties involve equipment (Flying trapeze, trampoline, Aerial fabric, Aerial hoop) these parties are for ages 5 and up.   Children under 5 years old cannot participate on these apparatus.   Please make sure your guests know this if they are under 5 years of age they can not participate on the equipment, only the pop action portion.
Parties last for two hours and include 2-5 teachers (depending on the number of party guests) and an administrative staff member to help get the party started and help with clean up. We provide popcorn, paper products (cups, plates, napkins and plastic utensils), and ice for your drinks. We also have merchandise for purchase to use as party favors. 1/2 hour of the party time is designated for cake and refreshments. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book your party. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the party date. If a party is booked within two weeks of the party date, payment in full is required at booking.

Baby Action and Little Kid Action Parties

(18 months through 4 years old)
1.5 hour party
1 hour class – 1/2 hour for cake and refreshments.

Baby Action Party

ages 18 months to 3 years old
Package includes- Mini trampoline, Pop Action, Obstacle courses.

Little Kid Action party

3-5 years old
Package includes- Mini trampoline, Pop Action, Obstacle courses and Scooter races!

Baby action parties are fun and energetic and get the little ones up and running.   Parents or guardians’ expected to guide toddlers through the events (mommy/daddy and me style)

12 children – max 24 adults- $750
13-18 children – max 36 adults- $895
18-24 children- max 48 adults- $1255
24-36 children- Max 72 adults- $1995


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