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What is Spark Math? -

What is Spark Math?

Spark Math helps students enjoy learning math. The online program serves schoolers from K to Grade 5. The program uses Singapore Math curriculum used by most private schools in the Tri-State area. With interactive small class settings, live teachers, innovative manipulatives and online tools, Spark Math helps students learn math easily and effectively wherever they are. Our students achieve more than just better grades, they discover a way to make math fun, interactive and most importantly, not scary. Please click here or use  https://calendly.com/spark-math-trial to book a FREE trial class and evaluation.

Why Pick Spark Math? -

Why Pick Spark Math?

Spark Math helps children get a head start on math, in ways they will love. Our classes are more than just worksheets and videos, it's a fully immersive and interactive program. Each of our classes includes a live certified teacher to help explain concepts to a small class of students. These small online classes, of less than 8 students, create a place where students have the attention they need and the ability to learn socially. Including interactive activities, games, animation and live teachers, Spark Math is the fun online system that improves grades while building a lifelong passion for learning.

How does Spark Math teach? -

How does Spark Math teach?

Spark Math uses one of the most successful ways to teach math globally, The Singapore Math Method. Singapore Math works well with The Common Core State Standards used across the United States, so your child can use these skills everyday in school. Spark Math's live online classes are all taught by experienced certified math teachers, who create an interactive and immersive experience children love. Filled with animation, games, worksheets, and real classmates to work with, Spark math creates the best way to get a head start, improve grades and creates confidence in learning and using math that lasts a lifetime.

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Spark Math helps students enjoy learning math. Our expert-designed course-ware includes animation, gamified learning, and live teachers. The program uses Singapore Math curriculum, aligned to Common Core Standards, and is proven to be an effective way of building math skills. Making math fun can achieve more than just better grades.