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Calhoun School (The)

433 West End Ave.


Main Building
third-12th grades
433 West End Ave.

Robert L. Beir Lower School Building
2.8 years-second grade
160 West 74th St.

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Calhoun Summer Camps

Calhoun Summer Camps are exciting programs for ages up to 18—all directed by professional educators and artists.

Camps are open to students from all schools.

Register now—early bird pricing ends February 29!

Calhoun Animation Camp
For kids entering 3rd-6th grades

Explore the history and techniques of animation. After exploring the various possibilities in a variety of forms, students will spend the final two days of camp crafting their own short film in their desired medium.

Calhoun Cooks
For kids entering 9th-12th grades

This week-long immersive culinary experience will introduce campers to many aspects of the culinary arts, from kitchen tool techniques to learning how to butcher a whole chicken or baking fish en papillote.

Calhoun Math Camp
For kids entering 3rd-6th grades

During this two-week immersive experience, campers will develop their mathematical skills and reinforce numerical concepts in an environment where math is fun and imaginative.

Calhoun Movie-Making Camp
For kids entering 3rd-6th grades

Campers will write their own scripts and music, create their own settings, act, direct, do their own camerawork and edit their own claymation, stop-action, cartoon and live-action movies. The end result—some fun, funny and terrific movies!

Cougar Sports & Arts Camp
For kids entering 4th-6th grades

Did you know that the creative thinking required to make decisions while playing sports often translates to artistic and creative pursuits? During this camp, students will practice and build their skills in both arts and athletics.

Story Pirates Camp
For kids entering 2nd-6th grades

Campers will create their own fantasy world, and fill it with imaginary creatures, monsters, magic, heroes, villains and daring quests to save the world. Your child will stretch their imaginations to the limit!

Calhoun Summer Jazz
For kids entering 9th-12th grades

This week-long intensive jazz workshop provides an immersion experience in jazz. Students learn the basics of jazz improvisation, music theory and jazz history. The program concludes with a public concert.

Calhoun Summer Music
For kids entering 6th-12th grades

This three-day camp is for woodwind, brass and string players with at least one year of playing experience. Campers will play and be coached in large and small ensembles, compose original music, study the art of conducting and more!

Calhoun Volleyball Camp
For kids entering 7th-12th grades

This unique camp is designed for athletes looking to improve their game and will incorporate both on and off court skill development needed to maximize performance including general skill, movement, and positional trainings.


Calhoun School


Mission & Practice

Calhoun inspires a passion for learning through a progressive approach to education that values intellectual pursuit, creativity, diversity and community involvement.

At Calhoun, there's a powerful synergy between our mission and practice. Our philosophies guide our progressive approach to education and inspire students to THRIVE:

Thirst for Knowledge

We believe that curiosity is the most powerful engine for learning. Our educational approach is built to harness that natural energy through inquiry-based learning.


We stress the strong relationships between our teachers and students as the central element of our learning model. Our teachers are mentors and guides, helping to foster students’ sense of inquiry.


We treat every student as an individual whose learning journey will be different. While those journeys will pass the same checkpoints of skill development or foundational content, we expect students will take different routes to pass them.


We ground our education in a strong set of values: diversity, social justice, inclusion and community engagement. We want our students to develop a sense of purpose and identity to accompany a strong academic foundation.


We understand that the most effective learning is multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary and experiential. Much of our curriculum looks beyond the walls of Calhoun and draws the outside world in.

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Calhoun’s preschool is a place where children take their first steps to becoming lifelong learners. Preschoolers at Calhoun learn to build, create, communicate, and collaborate as community members. Within the safety and structure of their school day, our youngest scholars receive a strong foundation for their future academic pursuits.